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 MedImpact Discount Drug Card Information 
Dear Association Member:
Your trade association would like to thank you for your continued support by providing you with a MedCare USA® drug discount card. This program is a free service for you, your employees and family members to help with the rising cost of prescription drugs. Simply present your discount card to your retail pharmacist when filling your prescription drug order and the discount will be taken at the time of service.   
Your MedCare USA® card is NOT insurance, which makes it easy to use! You will pay 100% of the discounted price at participating pharmacies. Because it is a discount program, there are:
* NO claim forms
* NO reimbursement procedures
* NO pre-existing condition exclusions
* NO waiting periods
* NO deductibles
* NO benefit maximums

* Save an average of 15% off retail price on many brand name prescription drugs

* Save an average of 50% off retail price on many generic prescription drugs

How to Use Your Discount Card
Present your MedCare USA card to the pharmacist. You will always pay the lowest price on your prescriptions at the time of the sale. Your MedCare USA card must be physically verified for the pharmacist to begin the eligibility verification process to determine price.   This card provides discounts on most prescription drugs (open formulary). You may even be able to save on over-the-counter drugs if your doctor writes a prescription for these items. Simply present the card to a participating pharmacy for savings. There are no enrollment or membership fees associated with this card.
Lowest Price
Be assured you'll always pay the lowest price available for your prescriptions in a participating pharmacy on a given day. Some pharmacies may already be selling maintenance medications (to treat ongoing conditions like asthma and high blood pressure) and some short-term prescriptions at the lowest price available. In these cases, the MedCare USA contracted discount price may be higher than the pharmacy's lowest price. However, you will always pay the lowest price.

Participating Pharmacies
The retail participating pharmacy network currently includes national and regional chain pharmacies.   Most pharmacies nationwide will accept MedCare USA.  You can find participating pharmacies by calling MedImpact toll-free at 800-819-5479 to find a participating pharmacy near you. 
What is MedCare USA? 
Your MedCare USA card provides discounts on most prescriptions written by a doctor. Simply present your membership card to a participating pharmacy and you'll qualify for savings when you pay at the time of service. Discounts are available only at participating pharmacies.   Prescriptions obtained using the MedCare USA card are not eligible for reimbursement through state or federal health care plans.
What is my cost for the MedCare USA Card?
As a member of your association, your card is free. You do not pay any enrollment fee or annual fee for this card.