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Supplemental Health 
  • Metal GAP - a Guarantee Issue Supplemental policy that fills the gap between first dollar and the maximum out-of-pocket costs for those with high deductible health insurance plans. Recognizing your need to help pay for the deductible gap created by Obamacare metal plans, Metal Gap offers three plan options to complement existing major medical health insurance coverage.  Click Here to Quote
  • Alternative Solutions - a Guarantee Issue Supplemental policy which you can choose from 3 plan options that include in and out-patient benefits and again network discounts via MultiPlan (PHCS) are available.  Click here to Quote
  • Premier Benefits - a combination of 5 Guarantee Issue plans written as one, which will provide Critical Illness, Accidental Medical, Accidental Disability, Life and AD&D benefits.  This is a nice addition to a Choice Solutions, Alternative Solutions and Secure STM. Click here to Quote
  • IHC Individual Dental – Choice of 3 plans.  Click here to Quote
  • Secure STM – Standard STM with Office Copay Now Sell 4 products at once Click here to quote
  • Choice Solutions - a Hospital inpatient supplement policy, which includes Out-Patient benefits and Critical illness.  It is designed to be offered as an option to ACA or after the exchange closes. This is underwritten as a accept or reject policy. You will receive Network discounts when using Multiplan (PHCS) providers.  Click here to Quote
  • Critical Illness - this policy pays you a lump sum benefit when a covered medical condition is diagnosedClick here to quote